This digital installation for Norrköping Municipality was the result of a close collaboration between Significant Bit and upcoming game studio Dimfrost. I worked as Art Director with overall responsibility for the look and feel of the 3D environment. I also created most of the 3D textures using Substance Designer.

The idea was to create a visual experience of The Inner Harbour, a new urban district that is part of the city transformation project Next:Norrköping. The user cycles along the unbuilt boardwalk by pedaling away on a virtual reality exercise bike. Along the ride the user gets information about the different building projects and key areas. All accompanied by the sound of birds and soft waves against the docks. 

The installation was demoed at Almedalsveckan and was very well received. The client and users appreciated the sense of scale and how the installation gave a feel of how the new district will look when finished.


Norrköping Municipality


Significant Bit


Art Direction, 3D texturing